As a registered nutritionist, I’m always looking for healthy food choices that allow my clients to benefit from the best that nature has to offer while providing them with quality service, experience and professionalism. I have found all of these attributes and much more in Michele. In addition to her culinary accreditations, Michele’s experience raising a child with severe learning differences and a highly restricted diet have allowed her to gain first-hand knowledge working with dietary restrictions and creating customized food plans that suit a variety of needs and requirements. Her learning has not only come the traditional way - through books and lectures - but also through trial and error under real life circumstances. In my view, there is simply no substitute for that kind of experience.

I believe that Michele’s circumstances have also largely contributed to her compassionate, dedicated and caring nature. These qualities radiate from Michele whenever you spend time with her, reassuring you that you are in good hands. She is precisely the type of person I would want to work with on the development of customized dietary plans for both myself, my family and my clients.

I have had the pleasure of savouring a number of menu items from Food to Grow. The quality and freshness of the ingredients Michele uses in combination with just the right flavourings elevate her food preparation into a class of its own. As a busy mom and working professional, I appreciate the practicality of having foods prepared for my family while taking comfort in the knowledge that Michele uses quality health-building ingredients.

Not only do we enjoy Food to Grow in the comfort of our own home, we also bring it on the road with us. During spring break, I actually got a “break” and packed two of Michele’s protein rich salads with us to the ski hill. Our children – aged 10 and 7 – both loved them and we were the envy of the ski lodge cafeteria!

Michele is a gifted chef and wonderful human being. I highly recommend her personal chef services.

Kelly Mulcair
Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner